My journey – Being PrEP-ared

In my last post I talked about being anxious about my appointment with my primary care physician. My anxiety was unfounded, “I’m a bit of a nervous nellie” (pun intended) when it comes to taking medication. I was also worried that my doctor wouldn’t prescribe PrEP, or even worse not know anything about it. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts! They had already started a few patients on Truvada for prevention which made the conversation much easier, then it got a little weird.

My PCP knows I’m an HIV advocate and informed regarding PrEP, that’s the only reason I got the script. They knew I would follow the protocol being tested for HIV and getting the necessary labs to monitor liver and kidney function etc, etc, etc. My doctor then asked that I not “advertise” where I got the prescription because they weren’t aware of any other PCP’s writing scripts for PrEP. They are concerned if the word gets out they won’t be able to handle the patient load.

The FDA approved Truvada in 2012! REALLY! I know we’re in the deep south but come on! I am fortunate I have a primary care physician who is taking the time to learn about existing treatments. I am taking responsibility as an advocate to get the word out and educate our community regarding PrEP.