My journey – Being PrEP-ared

In my last post I talked about being anxious about my appointment with my primary care physician. My anxiety was unfounded, “I’m a bit of a nervous nellie” (pun intended) when it comes to taking medication. I was also worried that my doctor wouldn’t prescribe PrEP, or even worse not know anything about it. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts! They had already started a few patients on Truvada for prevention which made the conversation much easier, then it got a little weird.

My PCP knows I’m an HIV advocate and informed regarding PrEP, that’s the only reason I got the script. They knew I would follow the protocol being tested for HIV and getting the necessary labs to monitor liver and kidney function etc, etc, etc. My doctor then asked that I not “advertise” where I got the prescription because they weren’t aware of any other PCP’s writing…

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